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Many people have a New Year’s resolution, some may choose to lose weight, others may wish to stop smoking and some more may want to exercise and eat healthier. Well, here at Daily Dog Discoveries, we decided that our 2016 resolution is to learn something new about dogs each day!

With January 1st 2016 as our official start day, we look forward to a year filled with nuggets of knowledge so we can build a goldmine of treasured discoveries.

Instead of keeping our Daily Dog Discoveries to ourselves though, we thought it would be more fun to share them with our readers, so if you are a dog lover and are eager to learn something new each day, embark on our wonderful journey for 365 days filled with Daily Dog Discoveries!

We will be tackling anything dog related from behavior, anatomy, studies, breed facts, health and we will even add some fun trivia too!

Oh, and if you are interested in learning new dog words, keep an eye on our glossary section, as we slowly build up our Dog-o-pledia from scratch!

If you are like us and love learning something new about dogs each day, stay tuned and never miss a post by following us on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

We hope you are excited about our journey as we are, so thanks for visiting us and Woof!


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