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We often take our dogs' bodies for granted, but their bodies have so much to tell! Are you listening? Follow us as every Monday we tackle a different body part of our dog's anatomy. Think studying anatomy is boring? Think again! We'll be writing about dog body parts in J. D. Ratcliff's writing style. If you are a Reader's Digest fan, you might recall J.D Ratcliff's articles using the "I am Joe's body" format. We were inspired by his work, so decided to use a similar angle when addressing dog body parts. In other words, our dog anatomy articles will have your dog's body parts speaking in first person, Yes, just as if they're speaking to you!

Learning more about your dog's body is fascinating, but also quite instructional. We are not vets, but we will often quote veterinarians about what to look for and signs of trouble. And because dog anatomy is often quite similar to human anatomy (well, except certain parts), there are chances you might learn something new about your body too!

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