daily dogWelcome to Daily Dog Discoveries! We have made a 2016 New Year’s resolution that no day shall pass without learning something new about dogs each day. This means we’ll be fetching a new discovery each and every day, for 365 consecutive days. We want to give you a warm welcome and invite you to join us on this interesting journey. We will tackle several topics all revolving around dogs, health, behavior, breeds, anatomy, you name it! We also will have a glossary section to get accustomed with some common and not-so-common canine terms, and to have some additional fun we’ll sometimes add some trivia too!

We can’t wait to embark on this journey and will try to do our best to fetch information that comes from reputable sources and studies. Please keep in mind though that sometimes, we can only make assumptions and theorize as to  why dogs sometimes behave in certain ways. Also, consider that all information provided on this site is NOT meant to be a substitute for advice from your veterinarian, nutritionist, dog trainer or behavior consultant. By reading our articles, you automatically accept this disclaimer. We hope you enjoy our daily posts, as much as we enjoy posting them. Welcome again and thank you for being a part of our Daily Dog Discoveries!



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